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Ran by a "Hyperforce" Game Dev

Hello Internet, welcome to the Armatelum Channel / Hyperforce Studios portfolio website. I am Josh (Also known as J5 the Hyperforce and Armate Dev). I am an indie game designer, former university student, and the main developer of Armatelum Showdown.

My desired job is to be a director/producer and/or a writer, primarily for video games. I also would love to be a creative director for video games, mainly platformers or visual novels.

I have an expertise in the more light hearted side of story telling, being a comedic and adventurous writer.

Check below for my projects!

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My Projects

Video Game and Literature Writing

Resting in Emeraldtune Armatelum Showdow

Armatelum Showdown

My main visual novel project. An adventurous story with a colourful cast of characters and strange fairy tale-like mysteries to find out, all while shooting down the competition in the playable Armatelum battle sequences.

Drawn Azura Starlight.PNG

Shooting Star Azura (W.I.P)

My main collectathon platformer IP I've been working on since my childhood years! A cartoony world designed to be a hilarious powerful slapstick platformer. Imagine if Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Kirby and Crash Bandicoot had a love-child.


University Projects

Extra project conjured up thanks to University assignments. See what became Armatelum Channel's All-Stars with humanised fruits, a knight in a world of chaos and magical girls vs eldritch-like monsters.

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Contact Me?

If you anything you would like to say about Armatelum, Azura or anything relating to my work, please contact me or tweet at me, @Armatelum.

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